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Re: [Xen-users] VLAN inside domU and sub interfaces

mad Engineer <themadengin33r@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> In new setup for DomU i have only one sub net,but with 3 VNIC,which should be 
> in 3 VLAN [each VLAN is used for different purposes]
> In this setup since default network route inside domU can be an issue,i don't 
> think creating bridge at Dom0 and connecting sub interface to that bridge 
> solves this.

If you have routing issues then that will equally affect 3 NIC and 3 VLANs on 
one NIC - ie there is absolutely no difference as far as IP addressing and 
routing is concerned.

> Instead i am trying to configure VLAN inside DomU,but i doubt this kind of 
> setup work.

Previous threads on here have indicated that vswitch will allow you to do VLANs 
in the DomU, but the standard bridging in Dom0 doesn't.

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