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[Xen-users] failed to write new name `virtmach' for domain 3 previously named `(null)'

Hi all,

I have been struggling with an issue with my xen machine for a few days now. 
When the machine is freshly booted, the third DomU I start fails with this 

libxl: error: libxl.c:346:libxl__domain_rename: failed to write new name 
`virtmach' for domain 3 previously named `(null)'
libxl: error: libxl_create.c:743:initiate_domain_create: cannot make domain: 

This happens no matter what DomU I start, no matter what order, no matter what 
timing. The third machine always fails. All the DomU's share the same kernel 
and both my host and guests use version 3.12.21. I use a Gentoo based 
distribution with Xen 4.4.

The 4th DomU I start after this seems to start but has no network access

The 5th DomU I start completely blocks (again, no matter what the order of 
starting machines). I have to destroy it to be able to use it.

The machines I start after this work again normally. In fact if I shutdown 
everything at this point and start them again in the normal order everything 
works as it should! So my current workaround is to after boot cycle through 
all the machines twice, but that is hardly sustainable.

This issue was introduced somewhere in an upgrade cycle I did and I overlooked 
where it just happened. I tried reverting kernels, Xen, recompiling with an 
older GCC and whatever else I could think of but I can not bring the system 
back in a workable state. Some googling told me to check advanced routering 
and netlink support in the kernel which I did but didn't help a lot.

Looking at the source code I've established that the issue occurs when the 
xs_write command is called to set the name of the DomU but I see no reason why 
this should fail with exactly the third DomU.

Before I go down the route of trying to debug this deeper I was wondering if 
somebody else perhaps has an idea as to what else I could still try. Not that 
I'm scared of a bit of kernel debugging but I like to avoid it if possible ;-)


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