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Re: [Xen-users] xl create unable to connect to console, 4.4.1-rc1 build from source

On Fri, Jul 25, Ian Campbell wrote:

> I know Olaf (CCd) was improving autoconf vs. libdir etc behaviour at one
> point but I thought that was all in and I don't see anything since 4.4
> which looks related.

I cant remember that I did, but perhaps git log would tell. :-)

Anyway, I see (in stable-4.4) xenconsole is installed into PRIVATE_BINDIR.
This is set to "$(PRIVATE_PREFIX)/bin", which comes from
"$(LIBDIR)/xen", which comes from $(libdir), which comes from @libdir@.

libxl starts xenconsole from libxl__private_bindir_path(), which comes
from the same PRIVATE_BINDIR path above.

On a 64bit host --libdir=/usr/lib64 has to be used all the time. Are
you sure that host is clean?  Does it have xen related files in
/usr/local, /usr/lib and /usr/lib64? Please remove them and do a clean
build. If in doubt, use xen-unstable and use 'make rpmball' instead of
'make install' to make it obvious where the files end up.

Regarding python: I assume there is just a single, clean python
installed on that host. The "python tools" are just binaries like
everything else. What matters is where the "python libs" are installed.
In my install attempts they are installed in
${prefix}/lib64/python/site-packages, independent from --libdir=. The
target dir is provided by the system python. Maybe the used target dir
is not in systems python search path? If so, that would be a bug in that
python installation.


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