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[Xen-users] CoW scripts.


in the book of Xen there’s this small bit on copy on write on the old Xen demo 

“...where 30 is the size of the backing (rw) storage overlay. The backing 
storage is actually a file in /tmp, which is mounted as a loop device and set 
up using LVM. /usr/sbin/create_cow creates the storage, /usr/sbin/destroy_cow 
deletes it. This script is called by/etc/xen/scripts/block-cow which in turn is 
being called by /etc/xen/scripts/block when “cow:” is specified as block device 
type in the Xen VM configuration”

Would anyone happen to still have create_cow and block-cow around? (Or the demo 
We’re currently working on Ceph support(Yes! more later...) and I would like to 
give auto-cloning images a whirl.

Are there any more recent (Xen 4.2+) attempts at copy on write that worked / 
are in use anywhere?
(I don’t care about research papers with no sources online ;)

Have a nice sunday / week!


About Ceph support for Xen 
you can have a peek at https://github.com/FlorianHeigl/xen-ceph-rbd 
...right now we still need to get pygrub working
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