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Re: [Xen-users] [xs-devel] Xen Project Document Day is This Wednesday, July 30: Beginner's Guide needs

Without being daft --

XenServer is not greedy: ergo why we have 2 4GiB partitions.  It is the Guest 
VMs which are greedy, but most importantly: Xen disk management, such as 
syslog, patches, etc.

4GiB is PLENTY of space to work with so long as a System Administrator ensures 
an healthy system.

Need any documentation on disk management?  Specifically, for beginners, 
Syslog, logrotate, etc?


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Subject: [xs-devel] Xen Project Document Day is This Wednesday, July 30: 
Beginner's Guide needs

This is a reminder that next Wednesday, July 30, is Xen Project Document Day.

Xen Project Document Day is a day to help improve overall Xen Project 
documentation, particularly that of the Wiki.

This month, it would be great if we could include the incomplete bits needed 
for the Beginner's Guide, including at least one decent diagram and some of the 
missing information called out in the Architecture


All the information you need to participate in Document Day is here:


If you get a few moments in the next week, please take a look at the current 
TODO list to see other items which need attention:


So please think about how you can help out.  If you haven't requested to be 
made a Wiki editor, save time and do it now so you are ready to go on Document 
Day.  Just fill out the form below:


We hope to see you Wednesday in #xendocs!

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