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[Xen-users] Xen Project User Summit Lineup Announced: Sept 15 in New York City

We are pleased to announce the speaker lineup for the Xen Project User
Summit in New York City on September 15, 2014!

Our second annual meeting for Xen Projects users, integrators, and
service providers includes a great range talks for little more than
the price of a good meal!

- What's Coming in the 4.5 Release

Konrad Wilk, 4.5 Release Manager (Oracle), describes the wide array of
enhancements expected in the upcoming 4.5 release.  If you use Xen
Project software, this session alone is reason to attend!

- Xen Project Status

Lars Kurth, Community Manager and Chairman of the Xen Project Advisory
Board (Citrix) will give a health check on the project, along with a
progress report since Xen Project joined the Linux Foundation last

-  VM Security: From the Outside Looking in

Steven Maresca (Zentific LLC) describes the use of the Zazen security
framework and how it can improve your implementation.

- Xen in Openstack: An Overview with SUSE Cloud

Peter Linnell (SUSE) talks about Xen Project support in Openstack with
a demonstration.  With all the buzz about Openstack these days, this
is an excellent chance to see how Xen Project can play a role in your
current or future Openstack implementation.

- Using and Understand Xen4CentOS

Johnny Hughes (CentOS Project) will outline how to use the Xen4CentOS
project to enable the Xen Project Hypervisor on CentOS.  He will also
discuss the new CentOS Virtualization SIG which has grown from the
Xen4CentOS effort.

- Deploying C and Java Applications Directly on Xen using OSv

Don Marti (Cloudius) discusses how to use OSv to create lightweight
VMs directly on the Hypervisor without the burden of virtualizing a
full multiuser operating system like Linux.  The result is small, fast
VMs like those promised with the latest Linux Container technologies,
but with an EXCELLENT security footprint!

- Xen Orchestra: a Web-based Interface for XAPI and XenServer

Olivier Lambert (Vates LLC) will present the current state of this
project and plans for the future.  If you've ever wished for a good
Web-based UI for Xen Project, you'll want to attend!

- Unikernels: Who, What, Where, When, Why

Adam Wick (Galois Inc.) covers the whole spectrum of Unikernels:
small, dedicated operating systems used in virtualization to power
specialized devices for networking, security, etc.  Unikernel
technologies are giving birth to a whole new way of thinking about

- XenServer Creedence: XenServer One Year After Being Open-Sourced

Tim Mackey, XenServer Community Manager (Citrix), brings us the latest
information about the XenServer refresh coming with the Creedence
release.  Anyone using or considering XenServer will want to hear

- COLO: An Introduction to this High Availability Project

Will Auld (Intel) introduces the work being done in the COLO project.
This project (still in development) produces a non-stop solution with
utilizing on-demand VM replication.  This is exciting work for folks
who need high availability for specific VMs.

- Provisioning a Large Number of XAPI-based Security Appliances

Grant McWilliams (Sound Linux Training and Consulting) delivers a
stimulating account of provisioning special security devices built
with the Xen Project Hypervisor.  Even if you don't plan on doing
something similar, this talk provides some interesting and challenging

- Introduction to the Advanced Security Features of the Xen Project Hypervisor

Russ Pavlicek, Xen Project Evangelist (Citrix), covers many of the
security features of the hypervisor, many of which are not known even
by established users.  While not difficult to use, they do require
someone to make the decision to use them, so this talk will educate
attendees as to their options.

- User Jam

This is your chance to discuss anything which is of interest to the
user community.  We'll cover the current state of the user community
and solicit input for future events and software development, as well
as general feedback.

You can find the full details of User Summit here:


All of this is for just US$79!  If you use the Xen Project Hypervisor,
you will want to attend this meeting.  Register soon so you'll be
guaranteed to get your seat!  Press the "REGISTER NOW" button on the
page above so you don't miss out!

have two tracks most of the day, so you may want more than one
attendee from your organization to cover all the great information!

We hope to see you in New York City in September!

Russ Pavlicek
Xen Project Evangelist
Program Coordinator, Xen Project User Summit

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