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Re: [Xen-users] Xen rebuild and install

Get it, thanks very much.

Since I need to modify hypervisor's timer related code. So a reboot is required :(

On 8/30/2014 1:13:47 AM, Peter Kay <syllopsium@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

On 29 August 2014 18:05:25 BST, QI Wen wrote:
>Hi, PK,
>Thanks very much.
>Now, I am doing it by:
>1. reboot to the native Host (Ubuntu, not domain0)
>2. modify the code, and, make dist-xen && make install-xen
>3. reboot to domain0
>However, it's quite time-consuming.
>Is there any faster method to do it?

It's not necessary to build Xen in bare metal - it still has access to write to the disk in dom0.

Whether there's a faster way of doing it depends on what you're modifying. If it's Xen itself then a reboot is required to modify. If a daemon or utility you may be able to restart just that.

The other alternative is to run Xen inside itself or another VM, assuming it supports nested SLAT/EPT. It'll probably be faster to reboot a VM than the host system.

Beyond that, buy an SSD?

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