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Re: [Xen-users] After upgrade to the PV kernel (do-release-upgrade) - py-grub fails to create inital ramdisk

On Tue, 2014-09-09 at 12:34 +0100, Miguel Clara wrote:
> I don't see anything major in the log, I've created the domu with -vvv
> and this is the xl log:
> Waiting for domain snap-jenkins (domid 139) to die [pid 7350]
> libxl: debug: libxl_event.c:559:libxl__ev_xswatch_register: watch
> w=0x1beff70 wpath=@releaseDomain token=3/0: register slotnum=3
> libxl: debug: libxl_event.c:503:watchfd_callback: watch w=0x1beff70
> wpath=@releaseDomain token=3/0: event epath=@releaseDomain
> libxl: debug: libxl.c:1000:domain_death_xswatch_callback:
> [evg=0x1bef980:139] from domid=139 nentries=1 rc=1
> libxl: debug: libxl.c:1011:domain_death_xswatch_callback:
> [evg=0x1bef980:139]   got=domaininfos[0] got->domain=139
> libxl: debug: libxl.c:1038:domain_death_xswatch_callback:  exists
> shutdown_reported=0 dominf.flags=ffff0020
> libxl: debug: libxl.c:1004:domain_death_xswatch_callback: [evg=0] all
> reported
> libxl: debug: libxl.c:1068:domain_death_xswatch_callback: domain death
> search don
> The domu boots, but gives me those warnings and I can not select
> anything, after some secs "mountall" fails:
> mountall: Plymouth command failed
> mountall: Disconnected from Plymouth

I'm afraid I don't know what Plymounth or mountall do, but it sounds
like they are failing for some reason which results in either shutting
down or panicing the guest. I've no idea why that should be, but it
sounds to me like an in-guest issue, not a pygrub one.


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