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[Xen-users] passing a usb card and other pciback fun

So a month ago, I had managed to get a working DomU running on Xen 4.4 with a Radeon 6450HD and a 1x PCIe USB card that had a keyboard and mouse hanging off it, to create a virtual desktop workstation. ÂNot content to let sleeping dogs lie, I installed some package updates (holding kernel and dependent packages at the version I had). ÂSomething in the updates, possibly udev-related, broke the USB card pass-through... it no longer registered as a USB card in either the Dom0 or the DomU (and no drivers loaded for it). ÂTonight I decided to try reseating the card. ÂWhen I booted the machine up again, I found I had no networking. ÂAfter some digging, I discovered that my motherboard's ethernet was now occupying the PCI ID that had been used by the USB card.
I've moved the USB card to a new slot so my network is now back and the USB card shows up as a USB card (at least sometimes ... haven't identified circumstances yet). ÂAfter some more fiddling around, I discovered that mixing pciback arguments in grub and in the initramfs modules can create a bit of a mess (namely, updating grub lines has no effect).

So, question 1 ... is there any reasoning for using initramfs modules vs. grub configs for something like pciback?
Question 2 ... any guidance to be had on passing a PCIe USB card? ÂOr should it "just work"?


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