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[Xen-users] Creating a pv guest on a specific cpu pool ?

Hi all,
ÂÂ Recently I am testing credit2 scheduler so I want to create a pv guest directly on a cpu pool instead of migrating an existing one to it (because migrating a guest always meets problems ). I created a new pool named testpool using credit2 and it contains cpu 11-15. I configured my vm template and added a line before vcpu setup
That is
 Â cpupool = "testpool"

After "xm create /etc/xen/vm.cfg" xen did create a new vm for me but oddly the new vm was still on the default pool Pool-0. I removed cpu 11-15 from Pool-0 before creating testpool so I am really confused right now.

My domain0 and all domus are using Debian 7.6 x64. I am using Xen 4.3.

Please help me.

Best regards,
Kenneth Â
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