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[Xen-users] no wakeup after xl save

Hi together,

after a 'xl save -p mydomu /root/mydomu.ram' the mydomu is in pause and a mydomu.ram-file is written. As far everithing is OK.

But I have no way how unpause mydomu.

First try:
'xl unpause mydomu' that's course a reboot!

Secund try:
'xl destroy mydomu'
'xl restore -d /root/mydomu.ram' the network doesn't work (no ping, no RDP, ..) but I can access by vnc provided by the host.

After a 'xl reboot mydomu' everything is repaired.

My idea is now, that something with the bridge is wrong, but how is that to fix??

The system: debian jessie xen 4.4

Best regards!

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