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Re: [Xen-users] bridge network

On Sat, 2014-10-11 at 19:03 +0200, ClÃment FÃvrier wrote:
> And finally the network/interfaces files for respectively the dom0 and the 
> domU
> % cat /etc/network/interfaces
> auto lo
> iface lo inet loopback
> auto eth0
> iface eth0 inet manual

You can drop all this, it's not needed if you list eth0 under xenbr0's
bridge-ports. I don't think it is harmful, but best remove just in

> auto xenbr0
> iface xenbr0 inet dhcp
>         bridge-ports eth0
>         bridge_stp on
>         bridge_maxwait 0
>         bridge_fd 0
> DHCPDISCOVER on eth0 to port 67 interval 3 (xid=0x354cbeab)
> DHCPREQUEST of on eth0 to port 67 
> (xid=0x354cbeab)
> DHCPOFFER of from
> DHCPNAK from (xid=0x354cbeab)

Where is your DHCP server running? It seems to not want to give you are
lease, it's logs might give a clue as to why.

Another thing to check would be for any firewalling in dom0.


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