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Re: [Xen-users] xen 4.5-unstable, oxenstored cannot start (centos 7, kernel 3.17.0)

On Fri, Oct 10, Olaf Hering wrote:

> On Fri, Oct 10, Ian Campbell wrote:
> > I think you probably need to take this up with Luis who implemented all
> > this systemd stuff. I suppose he had it working...
> systemd-detect-virt reports 'xen' in openSUSE 13.1, but reports 'none'
> on everything newer. I'm sure he tested on 13.1. I have filed a bug.

I was told that our approach is broken. It just happens to work for the
OP and on 13.1. Google says:

ConditionVirtualization= may be used to check whether the system is
executed in a virtualized environment and optionally test whether it is
a specific implementation. Takes either boolean value to check if being
executed in any virtualized environment, or one of vm and container to
test against a generic type of virtualization solution, or one of qemu,
kvm, zvm, vmware, microsoft, oracle, xen, bochs, uml, openvz, lxc,
lxc-libvirt, systemd-nspawn to test against a specific implementation.
If multiple virtualization technologies are nested, only the innermost
is considered. The test may be negated by prepending an exclamation

So, no way to tell if code runs in dom0. The current systemd
implementation is broken. We may workaround the lack of support from
systemd by checking other things. In my dom0 kernel
/proc/xen/capabilities is always available. What about pvops?


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