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[Xen-users] Debian 7.7 xcp-xapi doesn't start on boot


I dunno if this is the right list, I am looking for help wit ha problem deploying xcp-xapi on Debian 7.7. I'm new to xcp-xapi and not that experienced with Xen either, I do know debian well though hence my choice of base system.

Every reboot (the system is a development machine so isn't on 24/7) I keep getting an issue crop up where the xcp-xapi service won't start during boot. If I try to start it manually it sits for ages then returns an error on the terminal as per:

root@zaire:~$ service xcp-xapi start
The server failed to handle your request, due to an internal error. The given message may give details useful for debugging the problem.
message: missing table
<extra>: host

If can fix it and get it top start by running:

root@zaire:~# dpkg-reconfigure xcp-squeezed
root@zaire:~# dpkg-reconfigure xcp-xapi


root@zaire:~# service xcp-xapi status

and it's running fine and stays running fine.Â

XenCenter and OpenXenManager then connect immediately, VMs fire up and all is golden.

I'd like to solve this, I am currently testing this prior to deploying it to production, and if I'm offsite this is going to be a real pain in the event of a server reboot.

Where should I look next? Are there any logs I should check next?



Mark Benson
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