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Re: [Xen-users] VIF interface gets IP adress and is used as 2nd default route

> Am 27.11.2014 um 21:08 schrieb Stuecker, Sebastian 
> <sebastian.stuecker@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>:
> However, when I start the Windows Server HVM the problem starts. I suspect it 
> is because this machine has a running DHCP server, so it seems to assign an 
> IP to the VIF-Interface which is then also added into the routing table as 
> default IF. After that the network does not fully work any more (obviously 
> with 2 default routes like this). But how can I prevent this from happening?
> http://paste.ubuntu.com/9265035/
why your Windows vif has an IP (from Dom0 side) and why the Dom0âs default 
gateway is pointed to that interface then?

It seems this is something related to a wrong configuration of your Windows HVM 
DomU networking - it seems to use routing or NAT config instead of briding or 
such a thing.


Niels Dettenbach
Syndicat IT & Internet

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