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[Xen-users] UDP checksum error at network boot


I get ever "UDP checksum error" if I try to boot a domU form network (pxe). I've seen this problem can occur if the dhcpd runs inside dom0 (Xen FAQ) but my dhcpd runs on other host. The tftpserver runs on a domU, cant this be the problem?

Using config file "/etc/xen/abaddon7.cfg".
Started domain abaddon7 (id=11)
                               Xen Minimal OS!
  start_info: 0xb9f000(VA)
    nr_pages: 0x40000
  shared_inf: 0xcf7c7000(MA)
     pt_base: 0xba2000(VA)
nr_pt_frames: 0xb
    mfn_list: 0x99f000(VA)
   mod_start: 0x0(VA)
     mod_len: 0
       flags: 0x0
    cmd_line: (nd)/pxelinux.0
  stack:      0x95e900-0x97e900
MM: Init
      _text: 0x0(VA)
     _etext: 0x71464(VA)
   _erodata: 0x8b000(VA)
     _edata: 0x90c60(VA)
stack start: 0x95e900(VA)
       _end: 0x99ef00(VA)
  start_pfn: bb0
    max_pfn: 40000
Mapping memory range 0x1000000 - 0x40000000
setting 0x0-0x8b000 readonly
skipped 0x1000
MM: Initialise page allocator for da8000(da8000)-40000000(40000000)
MM: done
Demand map pfns at 40001000-2040001000.
Heap resides at 2040002000-4040002000.
Initialising timer interface
Initialising console ... done.
gnttab_table mapped at 0x40001000.
Initialising scheduler
Thread "Idle": pointer: 0x2040002050, stack: 0xfc0000
Thread "xenstore": pointer: 0x2040002800, stack: 0xfd0000
xenbus initialised on irq 1 mfn 0x188fb8
Dummy main: start_info=0x97ea00
Thread "main": pointer: 0x2040002fb0, stack: 0xfe0000
"main" "(nd)/pxelinux.0"
vbd 51712 is hd0
******************* BLKFRONT for device/vbd/51712 **********

backend at /local/domain/0/backend/vbd/11/51712
73400320 sectors of 512 bytes
vbd 51728 is hd1
******************* BLKFRONT for device/vbd/51728 **********

backend at /local/domain/0/backend/vbd/11/51728
2097152 sectors of 512 bytes
************************ NETFRONT for device/vif/0 **********

net TX ring size 256
net RX ring size 256
backend at /local/domain/0/backend/vif/11/0
mac is 00:16:3e:02:31:30
UDP checksum error
UDP checksum error
UDP checksum error
UDP checksum error
UDP checksum error
UDP checksum error
UDP checksum error

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Christoph Kaminski

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