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Re: [Xen-users] Does Xen support Mac OS X virtual machine's installation? If so, how to install the vm...

Mansoor Nathani <mansoor.nathani@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> When I last checked, Apple does not permit virtualization of its OS's 
> especially on non Apple hardware.

As of 10.8 they allow it - but still only on Apple hardware.
Though actually, if you read the licence agreement carefully, virtualising 10.6 
is not prohibited - it's just that most people interpret what is written and 
infer something that isn't specified.
From memory, prior to 10.8 it says something like "can only be run on Apple 
hardware". From 10.8 onwards it specifically allows running virtualised on 
Apple hardware. Many have, perversely IMO, said that if it's virtualised then 
it's not running on the hardware. Personally, I think a virtualised machine 
still uses the same RAM, the same processor, etc - so it's still running on the 
same hardware, just with a virtualisation layer between the guest OS and the 

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