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[Xen-users] poor I/O with xen kernel

Hi there,

I have some issues with Xen kernel on Ubuntu Server (latest) and CentOS 6

I am using Intel RAID controller, testing with fio.

On CentOS 6 I am getting ~14k iops with Xen Kernel and with the generic one I am getting ~15k (not much more ...). I played with drivers, changed the scheduler, etc....nothing helped.

On Ubuntu Server with the default kernel and driver I am getting ~21k iops and when I boot with xen kernel I am getting ~10k ....its the same kernel version and same driver ...

On the same machine with Areca raid controller with CentOS 6 and xen kernel I am getting ~26k iops

My question is, how can I modified the kernel or what I have to install/config to solve this ...



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