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Re: [Xen-users] Multiple NIC's

Chris Arnold <carnold@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> âXen 4.4.1 on SLES12. This server has 2 integrated NIC's. SLES12 is using 
> eth0 with a static ip on the 192.168.123 network. I have created a VM guest 
> and installed windows server 2012. I need the guest (windows) to use eth1 on 
> 172.16.31 network but the guest does not see that interface. I don't want the 
> host or guest to share NIC's. I want a separate NIC for each host and guest. 
> How do i make eth1 visible to the guest?

If you specifically want Dom0 not to be able to access any traffic, then you'll 
need to use PCI passthrough to make the device accessible to the guest. Even 
then I would imagine the PCI traffic would be visible with the right tools in 

Alternatively, create a bridge, add eth1 to it, and then configure DomU to have 
one virtual NIC connected to that bridge. If you don't assign an IP to the NIC 
or bridge in Dom0 then it won't be "connected" to that subnet (as in, the 
interface won't appear with an address to any tools, and the IP stack won't 
route traffic via it) - but traffic will still be visible (eg with Wireshark).

What will *NOT* happen is eth1 magically appearing as a NIC in the guest 
without you doing some configuration to may it accessible.

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