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Re: [Xen-users] Make World Error Code 2

No problems building the upstream SeaBIOS, but it uses the "Version: rel-1.8.0-20-gb458122-20150325_145204-carlos" as you probably already knew. Bellow is the terminal output:

root@carlos:/opt# git clone git://git.seabios.org/seabios.git
Cloning into 'seabios'...
cremote: Counting objects: 12497, done.
remote: Compressing objects: 100% (6374/6374), done.
remote: Total 12497 (delta 10018), reused 7491 (delta 6116)
Receiving objects: 100% (12497/12497), 2.67 MiB | 534.00 KiB/s, done.
Resolving deltas: 100% (10018/10018), done.
Checking connectivity... done.
root@carlos:/opt# ls
seabios xen
root@carlos:/opt# cd seabios/
root@carlos:/opt/seabios# ls
COPYING COPYING.LESSER docs Makefile README scripts src vgasrc
root@carlos:/opt/seabios# make defconfig
scripts/kconfig/conf --olddefconfig /opt/seabios/src/Kconfig
# configuration written to /opt/seabios/.config
 Build default config
# configuration written to /opt/seabios/.config
root@carlos:/opt/seabios# make
 Build Kconfig config file
 Compile checking out/src/misc.o
 Compile checking out/src/stacks.o
 Compile checking out/src/output.o
 Compile checking out/src/string.o
 Compile checking out/src/block.o
 Compile checking out/src/cdrom.o
 Compile checking out/src/disk.o
 Compile checking out/src/mouse.o
 Compile checking out/src/kbd.o
 Compile checking out/src/system.o
 Compile checking out/src/serial.o
 Compile checking out/src/clock.o
 Compile checking out/src/resume.o
 Compile checking out/src/pnpbios.o
 Compile checking out/src/vgahooks.o
 Compile checking out/src/pcibios.o
 Compile checking out/src/apm.o
 Compile checking out/src/hw/pci.o
 Compile checking out/src/hw/timer.o
 Compile checking out/src/hw/rtc.o
 Compile checking out/src/hw/dma.o
 Compile checking out/src/hw/pic.o
 Compile checking out/src/hw/ps2port.o
 Compile checking out/src/hw/serialio.o
 Compile checking out/src/hw/usb.o
 Compile checking out/src/hw/usb-uhci.o
 Compile checking out/src/hw/usb-ohci.o
 Compile checking out/src/hw/usb-ehci.o
 Compile checking out/src/hw/usb-hid.o
 Compile checking out/src/hw/usb-msc.o
 Compile checking out/src/hw/usb-uas.o
 Compile checking out/src/hw/blockcmd.o
 Compile checking out/src/hw/floppy.o
 Compile checking out/src/hw/ata.o
 Compile checking out/src/hw/ramdisk.o
 Compile checking out/src/hw/virtio-ring.o
 Compile checking out/src/hw/virtio-pci.o
 Compile checking out/src/hw/virtio-blk.o
 Compile checking out/src/hw/virtio-scsi.o
 Compile checking out/src/hw/lsi-scsi.o
 Compile checking out/src/hw/esp-scsi.o
 Compile checking out/src/hw/megasas.o
 Compile checking out/src/post.o
 Compile checking out/src/memmap.o
 Compile checking out/src/malloc.o
 Compile checking out/src/romfile.o
 Compile checking out/src/x86.o
 Compile checking out/src/optionroms.o
 Compile checking out/src/pmm.o
 Compile checking out/src/font.o
 Compile checking out/src/boot.o
 Compile checking out/src/bootsplash.o
 Compile checking out/src/jpeg.o
 Compile checking out/src/bmp.o
 Compile checking out/src/hw/ahci.o
 Compile checking out/src/hw/pvscsi.o
 Compile checking out/src/hw/usb-xhci.o
 Compile checking out/src/hw/usb-hub.o
 Compile checking out/src/hw/sdcard.o
 Compile checking out/src/fw/coreboot.o
 Compile checking out/src/fw/lzmadecode.o
 Compile checking out/src/fw/csm.o
 Compile checking out/src/fw/biostables.o
 Compile checking out/src/fw/paravirt.o
 Compile checking out/src/fw/shadow.o
 Compile checking out/src/fw/pciinit.o
 Compile checking out/src/fw/smm.o
 Compile checking out/src/fw/smp.o
 Compile checking out/src/fw/mtrr.o
 Compile checking out/src/fw/xen.o
 Compiling IASL out/src/fw/acpi-dsdt.hex
ASL Input:ÂÂÂÂ out/src/fw/acpi-dsdt.dsl.i - 474 lines, 19153 bytes, 315 keywords
AML Output:ÂÂÂ out/src/fw/acpi-dsdt.aml - 4405 bytes, 159 named objects, 156 executable opcodes
Listing File:Â out/src/fw/acpi-dsdt.lst - 143000 bytes
Hex Dump:ÂÂÂÂÂ out/src/fw/acpi-dsdt.hex - 41662 bytes

Compilation complete. 0 Errors, 0 Warnings, 0 Remarks, 245 Optimizations
 Compiling IASL out/src/fw/ssdt-proc.hex
ASL Input:ÂÂÂÂ out/src/fw/ssdt-proc.dsl.i - 35 lines, 762 bytes, 8 keywords
AML Output:ÂÂÂ out/src/fw/ssdt-proc.aml - 120 bytes, 6 named objects, 2 executable opcodes
Listing File:Â out/src/fw/ssdt-proc.lst - 2653 bytes
Hex Dump:ÂÂÂÂÂ out/src/fw/ssdt-proc.hex - 1460 bytes

Compilation complete. 0 Errors, 0 Warnings, 0 Remarks, 0 Optimizations
 Compiling IASL out/src/fw/ssdt-pcihp.hex
ASL Input:ÂÂÂÂ out/src/fw/ssdt-pcihp.dsl.i - 36 lines, 758 bytes, 5 keywords
AML Output:ÂÂÂ out/src/fw/ssdt-pcihp.aml - 87 bytes, 5 named objects, 0 executable opcodes
Listing File:Â out/src/fw/ssdt-pcihp.lst - 2349 bytes
Hex Dump:ÂÂÂÂÂ out/src/fw/ssdt-pcihp.hex - 1161 bytes

Compilation complete. 0 Errors, 0 Warnings, 0 Remarks, 0 Optimizations
 Compiling IASL out/src/fw/ssdt-misc.hex
ASL Input:ÂÂÂÂ out/src/fw/ssdt-misc.dsl.i - 101 lines, 2567 bytes, 35 keywords
AML Output:ÂÂÂ out/src/fw/ssdt-misc.aml - 354 bytes, 24 named objects, 11 executable opcodes
Listing File:Â out/src/fw/ssdt-misc.lst - 7658 bytes
Hex Dump:ÂÂÂÂÂ out/src/fw/ssdt-misc.hex - 3711 bytes

Compilation complete. 0 Errors, 0 Warnings, 0 Remarks, 2 Optimizations
 Compiling IASL out/src/fw/q35-acpi-dsdt.hex
ASL Input:ÂÂÂÂ out/src/fw/q35-acpi-dsdt.dsl.i - 514 lines, 28284 bytes, 413 keywords
AML Output:ÂÂÂ out/src/fw/q35-acpi-dsdt.aml - 7344 bytes, 239 named objects, 174 executable opcodes
Listing File:Â out/src/fw/q35-acpi-dsdt.lst - 255962 bytes
Hex Dump:ÂÂÂÂÂ out/src/fw/q35-acpi-dsdt.hex - 69191 bytes

Compilation complete. 0 Errors, 0 Warnings, 0 Remarks, 445 Optimizations
 Compile checking out/src/fw/acpi.o
 Compile checking out/src/fw/mptable.o
 Compile checking out/src/fw/pirtable.o
 Compile checking out/src/fw/smbios.o
 Compile checking out/src/fw/romfile_loader.o
 Compiling whole program out/ccode32flat.o
 Compiling whole program out/code32seg.o
 Compiling whole program out/ccode16.o
 Compiling to assembler out/src/asm-offsets.s
 Generating offset file out/asm-offsets.h
 Compiling (16bit) out/romlayout.o
 Building ld scripts
Version: rel-1.8.0-20-gb458122-20150325_145204-carlos
Fixed space: 0xe05b-0x10000Â total: 8101Â slack: 14Â Percent slack: 0.2%
16bit size:ÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂ 35500
32bit segmented size: 2202
32bit flat size:ÂÂÂÂÂ 26922
32bit flat init size: 68432
Lowmem size:ÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂ 2176
f-segment var size:ÂÂ 1200
 Linking out/rom16.o
 Stripping out/rom16.strip.o
 Linking out/rom32seg.o
 Stripping out/rom32seg.strip.o
 Linking out/rom.o
 Prepping out/bios.bin.prep
Total size: 140548Â Fixed: 65824Â Free: 121596 (used 53.6% of 256KiB rom)
 Creating out/bios.bin

2015-03-25 14:50 GMT-03:00 Ian Campbell <ian.campbell@xxxxxxxxxx>:
On Wed, 2015-03-25 at 14:36 -0300, Carlos Gustavo Ramirez Rodriguez
> Hello Ian,
> I tried git clone following that link path and I was able to download
> and "LC_ALL=C make" the seabios, but that didn't work, after that, I
> tried going to the /tools/firmware/seabios-dir-remote and seabios-dir
> both and running the same code "LC_ALL=C make", and still same error,
> after that, I tried the next ideia, /tools/firmware/ and "LC_ALL=C
> make -C seabios-dir all" and after returning to the make world, same
> problem.
> Besides going to 4.6 any other workaround?

Building the upstream SeaBIOS tree and seeing if it builds would give us
a hint as to whether we needed to look for a patch to backport or if
this was a new bug caused by e.g. the bleeding edge Ubuntu you are
running (seabios can be a bit sensitive to toolchain changes) which
needs to be reported to the upstream list.

So, please can you try:
    git clone git://git.seabios.org/seabios.git
    cd seabios.git
    make defconfig
and see if that also exhibits the issue.

FYI Xen 4.5.x uses the rel-1.7.5 tag by default.


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