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[Xen-users] Missing supporting systemd library in Vivid 15.04 xen source build

Xen Project,

When building xen 4.5.0 from source on Ubuntu 15.04 I err'd with linking  as explained here

I configured with --enable-systemd --enable-ocamltools
when install-tools tried to link during install of oxenstored, this shared object was missing
libsystemd-daemon.so.0 (1)

AFAIK, Vivid has no plans to package  (1) and in my bug report they openly refuse to

Can I request developer support in setup of the relevant files in (2) to build (1) for use in building Xen 4.5.0?
the file of interest is sd-daemon.c

Its clear that (1) may need distribution with Xen and I feel like its heresy to reques it, but here goes.

thanks for reading,

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