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Re: [Xen-users] usage questions for GRUB2 chainloader workaround when booting Xen 4.5 on UEFI


> That's true if the BIOS is doing the loading, since the BIOS is only
> required by the UEFI spec to be able to access a FAT filesystem.

Understood re: FAT

> However grub is capable of reading from a much wider variety of
> filesystems, so if you are loading Xen via grub you are not constrained
> by that.

It's grub2's autocomplete that finds only the 'lowercased' version of the root 
path.  It does not expand/find if the uppercase, supposedly correct, path is 

Confusing at best.

> http://xenbits.xen.org/docs/unstable/misc/efi.html which mentions
> booting as an "EFI application", which I took to mean "directly from the
> BIOS" as opposed to via grub, I may have been wrong to do so though.
> The author of the wiki page you've been looking at is someone I trust to
> know what they are talking about on this matter, so you should probably
> ignore my "Lastly, ..." comment.


> Not sure what you mean, but it would be expected that a distro package
> which wished to support Xen EFI boot would either set EFI_VENDOR and
> package the result or otherwise arrange for xen.efi to end up on the
> ESP.

I meant only that I had the same expectation.

My current distro's (opensuse 13.2) Xen 4.5 packages do not do that currently.

> Xen EFI is not well integrated into most distros these days though, so
> I'd not be surprised if it was all a bit manual.

I'd already raised the question @ opensuse mailing list

(2) If the Xen install doesn't populate xen.efi into that directory, then 
atevery Xen update/upgrade, will xen.efi need to be re-copied manually?

where I hope packaging will get addressed.


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