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Re: [Xen-users] xl stack problems on CentOS6 XEN4

On Mon, 2015-05-11 at 13:53 +0000, Hildebrand, Nils (BIT II 9) wrote:

> I am currently in the process of replacing my SLES11 SP3 Dom0s with
> CentOS6 XEN4

I don't follow CentOS4Xen, which version does that imply?

> My disk-spec looks something like âdisk = [ âdrbd:vmname,xvda,wâ ]
> which worked very well on SLES11 SP3 (no workarounds needed there).

There is code in libxl which is supposed to handle this, by translating
drdb: into the use of the block-drdb script and doing a local loopback
attach to be used by pygrub. However there have been bugs in this area
in the past.

Please can you post the output of "xl -vvv create <usual options>".


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