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Re: [Xen-users] High CPU in idle Windows guest

Christian Costa schrieb:

Please see this:

I believe it's the same issue I've come across. You can easily verify
that by disabling USB on the VM completely and see how it goes.

If that's the proble, a sort of workaround would be to set usb=none but
then the mouse won't track properly when you connect to the guest via VNC.

Well, it IS possible to have a properly working mouse pointer in VNC without qemu eating up a lot of CPU cycles.

Do NOT add "usbdevice = [ 'tablet' ]" to your config, as often suggested.

Open a qmp monitor port to QEMU by adding a line similiar to the following to the xl.cfg file of your HVM:

device_model_args = [ "-qmp" , "tcp:,server,nowait" ]

Then add the tablet driver dynamically by sending the following qmp command:

echo "device_add driver=usb-tablet" | qmp-shell localhost:4444

Manfred Härtel, DB3HM    mailto:Manfred.Haertel@xxxxxxxxxxxx

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