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Re: [Xen-users] network access to dom0 in network driver domain

"Hildebrand, Nils (BIT II 9)" <Nils.Hildebrand@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> I did a similar setup at home.
> Create two bridges on the Dom0:
> ·         internet
> ·         intern
> Attach your physical NIC to the internet bridge but do not assign an IP in 
> the Dom0 to that bridge.
> Then assign a private IP to the intern bridge on the Dom0.
> Assign VIFs for both bridges (i.e. two vifs) to the driver DomU.
> Within the DomU do whatever is necessary to access all needed 
> internal/external networks.
> Assign the DomU-intern-IP as Default-Gateway in the Dom0.
> This should work pretty well.

I assume the OP has specific reasons for not doing this - there are several. 
One that comes to mind is the network I/O bottleneck it causes as (AIUI) 
network traffic passing through Dom0 to/from DomUs goes through a single 
threaded process.

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