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Re: [Xen-users] network access to dom0 in network driver domain

Hi Ravindra,


I did a similar setup at home.


Create two bridges on the Dom0:




Attach your physical NIC to the internet bridge but do not assign an IP in the Dom0 to that bridge.


Then assign a private IP to the intern bridge on the Dom0.


Assign VIFs for both bridges (i.e. two vifs) to the driver DomU.


Within the DomU do whatever is necessary to access all needed internal/external networks.


Assign the DomU-intern-IP as Default-Gateway in the Dom0.


This should work pretty well.


At home I use the DomU to start a Browser, while I directly login to the Dom0 (my workstation).


Kind regards





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Betreff: [Xen-users] network access to dom0 in network driver domain



I want to create a driver domain by assigning the NIC device to a domU. Since I have single NIC, dom0 has no network access once the NIC device is assgined to domU.

Is is possible to route dom0 traffic through the driver domain, so dom0 can access the outside network? I am not sure if it is supported by xen.



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