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[Xen-users] OVMF and XEN - hangs on boot with pci-passthrough, not saving settings

Hello, all,

I have tried to pass ATI VGA card (R9 290X) to VM using PCI
passthrough functionality, and got few issues.

System: EVGA X99M + E5-2630v3 (So, UEFI BIOS and all possible features
for virtualization), XEN 4.5.1 (compiled from sources), OVMF (tried
both XEN and upstream), QEMU (both XEN's 2.2 and upstream 2.3-rc0).

First problem: Passed-through card is not working with XEN+OVMF. It
just hangs at OVMF load, I suppose.

It's working normally with KVM + OVMF (with VFIO), it is working with
seabios and QEMU upstream. (Except that drivers need to be installed
manualy, not through AMD installer, which crashing).

Card have dual BIOS - both EFI and legacy ROM, so, I have tried to
boot it with OVMF. Also have tried NVidia G210 (also with UEFI ROM) -
same thing.

So, if there are some PCIe VGA board passed through to HVM domain,
TianoCore doesn't show any picture neither on the VNC display, nor on
card's DVI/DP/HDMI.
And this is XEN specific issue, as it working like a charm in KVM.
Without PCI passthrough HVM+OVMF working fine.

According to the XL logs, seems like it always trying to reboot VM.

I have tried to disable ROM BIOS on the cards, or boot host system in
Legacy mode (to avoid UEFI BIOS initialization), it doesn't matter.

Also, tried simple USB controller pass-through - it causing HVM domain
with OVMF to hang for few minutes, and only after that show the logo.

Does anybody know, how to make it work? Or at least - how to get more
information, what is happening with OVMF, retrieve some logs, etc.?


Second problem - XEN implementation of OVMF doesn't allow to save any settings.
Regardless of pflash image, specified in QEMU as "-drive if=pflash..."
- it's just not saving settings at all.

Again, would be excellent to be able to specify separate OVMF image,
like in normal QEMU. AFAIK, now hvmloader includes ovmf.bin - and that
is a problem.

I've seen discussion in this mail list about separated version of OVMF
for XEN, but it stopped few months ago without any links/solutions.
(Thread was named "Some questions regarding QEMU, UEFI, PCI/VGA
Passthrough, and other things", so I've cc-ed Andrew Cooper as he gave
some answers).

So, would be glad to get hands on such version and test it :)


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