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Re: [Xen-users] OVMF and XEN - hangs on boot with pci-passthrough, not saving settings

On Wed, Jul 15, 2015 at 09:02:13AM +0300, Alex Wakizashi wrote:
> Second problem - XEN implementation of OVMF doesn't allow to save any 
> settings.
> Regardless of pflash image, specified in QEMU as "-drive if=pflash..."
> - it's just not saving settings at all.
> Again, would be excellent to be able to specify separate OVMF image,
> like in normal QEMU. AFAIK, now hvmloader includes ovmf.bin - and that
> is a problem.
> I've seen discussion in this mail list about separated version of OVMF
> for XEN, but it stopped few months ago without any links/solutions.
> (Thread was named "Some questions regarding QEMU, UEFI, PCI/VGA
> Passthrough, and other things", so I've cc-ed Andrew Cooper as he gave
> some answers).
> So, would be glad to get hands on such version and test it :)

I did some experimentation with uefi guests recently, iirc if your disk image 
has an ef00 partition then 
settings will be saved there.  I would need to go back and confirm that this is 
the case since it was several 
months since I did this.  There is a ./configure option for the xen build which 
allows an external ovmf binary 
too be used.

./configure --with-system-ovmf=/my/ovmf/build/OVMF.fd --enable-ovmf


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