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Re: [Xen-users] xen dom0 nfs hangs

Dear Xen users,

I also had an issue strangely with the same symptoms as Mike had.

We run ganeti, all nodes have a /srv/ganeti/shared-file-storage mountpoint from an nfs server, and with debian jessie's xen (4.4) if a node has a high overall iops from all of its guests, it will stall sometimes. The same problem as Mike's: qemu processes remain in D state, the nfs path can be read but not written to it.

Mike, could you solve your issue somehow?

Earlier we were using debian wheezy with kernel 3.2 and xen 4.1. I dont know id the linux nfs client implementation has some bug or the handling of file backed vbds cause the issue.

Unfortunately I cannot reproduce the problem, it just arises randomly. I assume it is related to high iops.

Thanks in advance,

Kojedzinszky Richard
Euronet Magyarorszag Informatika Zrt.

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