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[Xen-users] Basic Question: Accessing the console on Dom0 (Xen4.5-Ubuntu1504)


I'm something of a Xen padawan, but I've jumped in both feet, and so, of course, I'm stuck.

I've installed Ubuntu 15.04 on LVM,
followed by the usual apt-get update-of-everthing,
followed by the installation of the Xen 4.5 hypervisor package.

So far, so good, as I can boot easily via Grub2 into the Xen hypervisor O/S (dom0).

My next step would be to open a console and configure networking (bridge).

Here's the newbie bit: I can't open the console. I have to kill GNOME to get a CLI.
If I try the usual Control-Alt-T method or even the right-click-menu to open a console, the session quickly slows to a crawl then halts. A hard restart is only way out at this point.

I saw a reference regarding tty2 being the dom0 console location.Â
What have I missed here? Hopefully, something obvious.

Best regards,

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