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[Xen-users] ANNOUNCEMENT: Xen 4.6 RC1

Hi all

Xen 4.6 RC1 has been tagged. You can check out the tag 4.6.0-rc1 in xen.git or
download tarball from:


Signature for tarball:

When reporting bugs, please send your bug report to
xen-devel@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, present as much information as possible,
tag it with "BUG-4.6" and CC release manager (wei.liu2@xxxxxxxxxx) and
relevant maintainers.

There are patches that are queued before RC1 but have not been applied
for RC1. See list below.

# c/oxenstored systemd integration issues
[PATCH for-4.6 v2 0/4] Patches for c/oxenstored

# ARM 64K page fix in libxc
[PATCH for-4.6] tools/libxc: linux: Don't use getpagesize() when unmapping the 

# Memory leak fix in xenstored
[PATCH for-4.6] tools/xenstore: Correct use of va_end() after va_copy()

# Build system fix for ARM
[PATCH for-4.6] tools: Don't try to update the firmware directory on ARM

# Error code handling fix for building hvm in libxl
[PATCH for-4.6] libxl: fix libxl__build_hvm error code return path

# Xen ARM doesn't validate gfn correctly
[PATCH for-4.6] xen/mm: populate_physmap: validate correctly the gfn for direct 
mapped domain


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