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Re: [Xen-users] poor IO performance with dom0 on centos7

W dniu 2015-09-01 20:13, Christoph napisaÅ(a):
it seems that the nfs domU is the problem, it is the whole time on 100% io...

it is a self made home server with an Intel (DX58SO) Board, BIOS ver
SOX5810J.86A.5390.2010.0614.1053 (AFAIK last one) with Intel i7 920
CPU with 2,67GHz and 12GB RAM

how can I check the IOMMU/NUMA Infos?

Am 2015-09-01 19:44, schrieb Grzegorz Bakalarski:
Tell us hardware (server nmanufacturer, BIOS version and BIOS
settings, especially IOMMU ...
Do you use kernel with NUMA?

IOMMU is advanced BIOS setting (you nay check BIOS settings during boot).

NUMA is kernel compilation option. If you did not compile kernel yourself, probably you has NUMA on. You may try to boot kernel with NUMA off (or recompile) ( but I dont think NUMA is important if you have single i7 920 CPU ...

Other thought - IP packet fragmentation ...


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