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[Xen-users] Xen Laptop Install Issues

Hi All,

I'd like to install Xen on a laptop. Wait scratch that, I have installed xen with some issues.

I can't seem to get my touchpad working in any install whenever I load Xen. This is for Dom0 not DomU. Everything else seems to work, even wifi. Well I can't really test anything, but one time I tried with ubuntu and I could load up the terminal, and I tried xl info? I think and it spit out everything that was expected. So I know xen loads. 

The mouse is drawn, the little arrow/pointer, but I can't move it. And the screen right before load up, I'd assume some serial spit out says something about some IRQ error and something else about BIOS/PCI something something, though it vanishes so fast that I can't read. I'm guessing its either an Interrupt problem related to an error on the ISR that should initiate, or a driver error on my touchpad side, or both. 

Now that this utterly vague description is out of the way let me go into the config:

I tried xen on 

Fedora 20, 21 and 22
Ubuntu 14.04 LTS and 15.04
with the linux kernel dating as far back as 3.1.xx on Fedora 20. 

Fedora 20:
Couldn't try Xen since it wouldn't load on the grub menu at all. 

Fedora 21 and 22:
Mouse shows up, but I can't do anything. Keyboard works. Can type things, can't load terminal since I can't move the mouse

Ubuntu 14.04 with Kernel 4.1.xx:

Ubuntu 14.04 with Kernel 3.x.xx:
Loads Xen, confirmed on terminal, mouse doesn't work

Ubuntu 15.04:
Yeah doesn't work still. 

I actually had UEFI secure boot on, that didn't work so back to legacy support mode. 

Software Installation instructions:

Hardware Description: 

Lenovo W530, UEFI Boot Legacy/Secure Hybrid selection, 16gb of RAM, 500gb SSD (SATA III/ACHI), Keyboard works, Touchpad does not, i7 36xxQ with Intel Vt-d ON. 

Hard Drive partitioned as follows: (/root : 50GB, /Boot: 1GB, /Boot/efi: 1GB, Home: 200gb, Swap: 8gb, Var: Off)
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