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Re: [Xen-users] Xen Project backup

Colin Durrant <colin@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> We have a Xen Project environment sitting on scientific linux 6. Can I get 
> some advice on backing up options please?
> What are people using / doing to backup their own systems?

Ah now there's a question where you can ask 10 admins and get 12 different 
answers !

Personally, I treat each system (host and each guest) just the same as if they 
were separate standalone boxes - they are all Linux & PV, and almost all 
Debian. So each one uses rsync to sync it's current filesystem to a centralised 
backup - that gives me a fast backup and an easy "first line" for restores. I 
then use StoreBackup to make multiple space efficient backups of that rsync 

Some people prefer to do backups from the host, especially if using file backed 
storage for the VMs rather than block device storage. This does mean care is 
needed to get a consistent backup, and it also means restoring a whole storage 
file before you can mount it and access individual files within it.

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