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Re: [Xen-users] XEN 4.4 Freezes after long period of inactivity

On Mon, 2015-09-14 at 12:13 +0200, Niels Dettenbach wrote:
> Am Montag, 14. September 2015, 10:23:59 schrieb pietrop:
> > Is there a way to debug what has happened ?
> Do you have anything helpful in the log files? If not, you could use a serial 
> console over serial cable from "the outside" to see whats happen. There are 
> several good docs about configuring xen / linux / boot console output to 
> serial consoles which might be helpful here in setting up.

Well .. I actually I have no idea about which files is the right file to
look at for these king of issues in the /var/log/xen/ folder, I see a
lot of files having the VMs' name and a couple of qemu-* and booloader*,
which one should be report something ?

The latest written file is a VM logfile and it reports :

"Waiting for domain xxx-xxx (domain x) to die [pid xxx]"

It does not ring a bell for myself.

> Just a shot in the dark: did you jave any energy saving / economy mode / pwer 
> saving enabled on the hardware? I would try to disable that as far as 
> possible 
> to test/check against. Possibly any hardware sleep modes are here "in the 
> way".

Not that I am aware of, I have started to read the page


Nevertheless if you have a quick tip to give to me to DISABLE such
optimization please let me know, I will give them a quick try this

> If not, do you have any cron jobs specifically on weekends (i.e. weekly 
> jobs)? 
> If so, could you try to "move" them to another night or so to find out if 
> they 
> are the source?
I have a Jenkins VM which usually spins build jobs during weekdays and
not during weekends.

> hth a bit,
> good lock,

Thanks a lot!

> Niels. 
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