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[Xen-users] AMD Radeon 7970 passthrough on XEN 4.4.3 with an AMD FX-8350/Gigabyte GA-970A-UD3 *HORROR*

After a lot of trial and error I got it working as a secondary
pass-through. Thanks mainly to bullshit examples around the net. None seem
to know nothing.

I though of I am the idiot but I was wrong.

Whole system crashes upon shutting down the VM that had the adapter passed
through. This actually screw up whole pass-through feature. Do that crash
happen because 7970 does not have device reset feature or whatever it was

I got it working only few times and Battlefield 4 started and ran actually
surprisingly good at 50+ FPS with maxed details at 1600:900 on AMD 7970.

However the next day immediately after when I attempt to login to VM
screen goes blank and whole system crashes (power off is required to
restore). It is also significantly lagged. ie. typing the password has
around 1 second delay per letter.

This is unacceptable issue. Anyone else experienced the same horror?

Thanks anyway for providing XEN but there are a lot to be fixed ...

I've no issues on that VM when I don't use pass-through expect a
significantly high CPU usage in HVM mode when I start using the computer
say IE 11 browser. All cores have a 30-50% CPU usage when I do a small
tasks such as windows udpate etc.

PS. That VM image is on Samsung 840 PRO SSD and it was loading the game
really fast when it worked.

There was no difference to the issue wheter or not CCC was installed.

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