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Re: [Xen-users] [Xen-devel] AMD Radeon 7970 passthrough on XEN 4.4.3 with an AMD FX-8350/Gigabyte GA-970A-UD3 *HORROR*


On Sat, Sep 19, 2015 at 08:21:15PM +0300, NiX wrote:
> After a lot of trial and error I got it working as a secondary
> pass-through. Thanks mainly to bullshit examples around the net. None seem
> to know nothing.
> I though of I am the idiot but I was wrong.

GPU passthru isn't very simple or straight-forward unfortunately..

> Whole system crashes upon shutting down the VM that had the adapter passed
> through. This actually screw up whole pass-through feature. Do that crash
> happen because 7970 does not have device reset feature or whatever it was
> called?

Do you happen to have a serial console available, so you could capture the 
crash/error messages from Xen and/or dom0 Linux kernel? 

SOL (Serial-Over-LAN) works too, if you have Intel AMT, IPMI, or other BMC..

> I got it working only few times and Battlefield 4 started and ran actually
> surprisingly good at 50+ FPS with maxed details at 1600:900 on AMD 7970.
> However the next day immediately after when I attempt to login to VM
> screen goes blank and whole system crashes (power off is required to
> restore). It is also significantly lagged. ie. typing the password has
> around 1 second delay per letter.
> This is unacceptable issue. Anyone else experienced the same horror?
> Thanks anyway for providing XEN but there are a lot to be fixed ...
> I've no issues on that VM when I don't use pass-through expect a
> significantly high CPU usage in HVM mode when I start using the computer
> say IE 11 browser. All cores have a 30-50% CPU usage when I do a small
> tasks such as windows udpate etc.

How do you use the VM? I hope using RDP over the network..

> PS. That VM image is on Samsung 840 PRO SSD and it was loading the game
> really fast when it worked.
> There was no difference to the issue wheter or not CCC was installed.

-- Pasi

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