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[Xen-users] adding Xen support to grub2 & the pv-grub2 kernel in Centos 7

Xen users,

Neither Fedora, nor Cento7 have xen support in grub2. I have added this in C7.

To test the new grub2-xen RPM, I used grub2-tools (grub2-mkstandalone) to create a pv-grub2 kernel which can be used to boot domU in place of pygrub/pv-grub.

I have also patched grub2 so that info from the domU xl config is imported into the grub2 environment. See the Top Level script at the pvgrub2 sub-page, below.

This is not official Centos project work and is not recognised by the Centos-Virt SIG but it works quite well. Better!


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