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Re: [Xen-users] [win-pv-devel] Windows 10 upgrade to new build with testsigning on -> FAIL

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> Subject: [win-pv-devel] Windows 10 upgrade to new build with testsigning
> on -> FAIL
> Dear all.
> I'm using several Windows 10 HVM DOMU-s with XEN4.6. I'm using
> xen-winpv-devel drivers (latest ones, from November). Previously on the
> xen-users and on the xen-winpv-development list several users inlcuding
> me was wishing for signed develoment drivers.
> Now it seems, that the time has come to tell you, that it is now a
> blocking condition.
> Upgrading windows 10 build to the latext 15xxx build automatically turns
> off testsigning: this cause that upon next reboot during the upgrade
> procedure, the windows 10 machines fail to start (due to xenbus is not
> signed). The F8 is offered, I can select "turn off the requirement for
> digital signature of the drivers", and reboot. Unfortunately the upgrade
> realizes, that "something did not go well", and immediately starts
> uninstalling the upgrade package.
> And I'm stuck here. May I get any response about the signed drivers?
> Thank you!

I believe Lars is working on this. We intend to get an EV cert for Xen Project 
and release-sign (not logo-sign) drivers through the new Windows 10 portal. I 
have updated the staging-8.1 branches recently and re-tagged them with new rc 
numbers... I'll adjust the Jenkins projects today to deliver new builds of 
these branches to xenbits. My hope is that these are likely to be the final rcs.


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