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[Xen-users] vtpm problems in the xen4.6

Dear Xen designer:
        After installing xen hypervisor 4.6 , I have been reading documents in /docs/misc/vtpm*.txt to understand how vtpm works.But some questions confuses me.
        Here are my questions:
        1# The relationship among TPM manager, Dom0, mini-OS, vtpm manager:
        In my opinion, mini-OS is a vtpm subsystem which is a part of Dom0,and mini-OS mainly contains vtpm-stubdom(vtpm) and vtpmmgr-stubdom(vtpm manager).But where does TPM manager locates?in the hypervisor or also part of Dom0?
        2# vtpm installation problem:
        The installation guide in vtpm.txt is a little abstract for the beginner. Is there some specific guide to help beginners to learn and use vtpm?
        I am looking forward to your kindly reply. Thanks!
        Steven Song

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