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Re: [Xen-users] My GPU won't pass through. Is this my goodbye to Xen?

On Tue, 2015-12-01 at 22:47 +0100, Folatt wrote:
> vfb = ['type=vnc,vnclisten=']

I'm not sure where "type=vnc" comes from, I think you meant "vnc=1"
(although vnc is the default anyway).Â

> Â Â Â Â ÂechoÂÂÂÂ'Loading Linux core repo kernel ...'
> ÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂlinuxÂÂÂ/boot/vmlinuz-linux 
> root=UUID=a6ecbc99-beca-4c22-b591-51846a193e25 ro
> ÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂechoÂÂÂÂ'Loading initial ramdisk ...'
> ÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂinitrdÂÂ/boot/initramfs-linux.img
> ÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂechoÂÂÂÂ'Setting resolution paravirtualized framebuffer ...'
> ÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂxen-fbfront.video=32,1024,768

This isn't correct. You need to add this to the kernel command line, i.e.
at the end of the line "linux   /boot/vmlinuz-..." along with
"root=..." and "ro".

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