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Re: [Xen-users] status of guest/DomU UEFI + Grub support in Xen 4.6.1?

On Tue, Feb 23, 2016, at 08:15 AM, Wei Liu wrote:
> Do you have bios='ovmf' in your guest config file? It seems that the
> guest is booting with legacy bios (seabios).

Nope.  Wasn't even aware yet that it was needed (did I miss the doc?).  I'd 
switched from rombios -> seabios when I learned THAT was causing problems.

SHOULD it be bios=ovmf


> Furthermore nvram isn't supported at the moment, so your modification will be
> lost. What we do in our test system is to place grubx64 efi into a known
> location so that it always gets picked up by OVMF.

What's considered a 'well known location'?

Somewhere under the ESP, here == /boot/efi?

I'd expect the location loaded by `bootctl` to be among those well-known 

> If you don't require any specific functionality provided by UEFI, it's
> better to just use legacy bios. OVMF needs more work to make it work out
> of the box.

I'm chasing 'legacy-free' & consistency.

All our hardware is now EFI, all OSs -- host & guest -- are systemd based, all 
disks are GPT, all setup/install scripts use parted.

I'd ideally prefer to not have to continue to have legacy bios/MBR anywhere in 
the mix.

But if we have to, we have to.  My hope is that UEFI guests' support is, at 
least, in-plan.

Fwiw, currently, my cfg is

name = 'arch'
builder = 'hvm'
xen_platform_pci = 1
boot = 'cd'
hdtype = 'ahci'
disk = [ 'phy:/dev/VG0/tEFI,xvda,w',
vif = [ 'mac=00:16:3E:10:01:01, model=e1000, bridge=br0, vifname=vif0',]

acpi = 1
apic = 1
bios = 'seabios'
hap = 1
keymap = 'en-us'
localtime = 0
maxmem = 2048
memory = 2048
nestedhvm = 0
nx = 1
pae = 1
sdl = 0
serial = 'pty'
shadow_memory = 16
spice = 0
tsc_mode = "default"
vga = 'stdvga'
videoram = 16
vnc = 1
vncdisplay = 2
vnclisten = ''

on_shutdown = 'destroy'
on_reboot = 'destroy'
on_crash = 'destroy'

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