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[Xen-users] perf support for PV domU


I would like to profile cache miss event of PV domU by perf command.

Perf profiles the event of PV dom0 successfully, however it failed for
PV domU.
In the PV domU, perf cannot access any hardware events, including the
cache miss event.

Is there any way to profile the cache miss event of PV domU by perf?

The OS of my dom0 and domU is Ubuntu 16.04 (Daily Build, Linux kernel 4.4).
The version of Xen is 4.6.
I set "vpmu=1" to xen boot option.

The following web site says that PMU support for PV dom0 was merged into
Linux 4.3, but does not mention about domU...

Best Regards,

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