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[Xen-users] debug xen with GNU DDD

Hi, there is a question.
I need to observe some Xen internals, so i thought debugging might be useful. i 
tried using gdb, kdb, ... but they are complicated and not obvious. there is a  
tool, GNU DDD, which may be suitable (although some simple) for that. but 
unfortunately i can not find any other who has experience of this tool for Xen 
I come here to ask if there is a person who has such a experience (debugging 
Xen with GNU DDD). If so, would you please give me a start point with it?

if NOT, it would be helpful if you can give me a little clear and less 
confusing way for debugging xen using gdb or kdb or ... . Information which can 
be used around this subject among the google searches or forums are not 
integrated, mean no good documentation on Xen debugging or it's debugging tools 
unfortunately (i tried them, nothing earned).

Thanks a lot.
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