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Re: [Xen-users] Xen on the Cubieboard 4

> Thank you for your answer. I also work with a CubieTruck and a
> CubieBoard 2 (both AllWinner A20), but I'm now looking specifically for
> the CubieBoard 4.
You will hit certain problems when trying to run XEN on CB4, since the guys
from Allwinner don't wanna publish all of the code required to get a full
mainline kernel with ARM-XEN running on the A80.
I tried convincing them publishing the missing fragments of code
(especially because not doing so is violating the GPL)
but I had no luck, not even after Karaoke with the engineers :-/
Maybe you try a cluster of A20 (cubie board 2)...
For the A20 there is full support in mainline (Linus' branch)


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