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[Xen-users] Using Post-Copy algorithm for live VM migration in xen.

Hi all.

1- Does (any version of) Xen have post-copy algorithm for live VM migration implemented inside it?
If yes, how could I choose it as the default approach (for academic purposes)?

if no

2- Is there any implementation available as a patch or a piece of code or a customized version of xen etc? Much like the implementation used in academic researches such as this one : "Michael R. Hines, Umesh Deshpande, and Kartik Gopalan. 2009. Post-copy live migration of virtual machines. SIGOPS Oper. Syst. Rev. 43, 3 (July 2009), 14-26. "

If yes, then how can I have it and use it?

if no

3- What is the easiest way to implement it (write the codes) myself within Xen?

Thank you
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