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[Xen-users] xen_kbdfront: unhandled keycode 0x0

I'm using Xen 4.6.1 with the xenfbfront and xenkbdfront PV drivers and the bundled qemu-xen with the GTK+ interface, and certain keypresses cause the following message to appear on the kernel console:

xen_kbdfront: unhandled keycode 0x0

and the key does not do what it is supposed to. So far it appears that all of the printable keys, control, alt, and shift, and even sequences like ^C work, but Home, End, PgUp, PgDn, Pause/Break, etc cause the error above to be printed.

I tried adding

vfb = ["vnc=1,keymap=en-us"]

and I see the "-k en-us" argument being added to qemu, but the problem persists. (Note: I'm using GTK+, not VNC, but I believe I have to set "vfb=" to something in order for Xen to setup xenfbfront.)

As an aside, press-and-hold doesn't work either (keys are pressed but not repeated in the framebuffer console).

Advice on how to fix this is appreciated.


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