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[Xen-users] Server with 2 NICs. DomU as Router

I have a physical Server with two NICs eth0 and eth1. 

I am running Xen 4.4.1 with Debian Jesse.

eth0 is bridged to xenbr0 which receives it's IP address, dns etc through an upstream DHCP server on a Gateway.

eth1 is bridged to xenbr1

I am creating a Xen VM (DomU) with two virtual interfaces that are bridged to xenbr0 & xenbr1 respectively. 

I want to run a router + NAT configuration on that DomU. 

I have several computers connected to eth1 through a physical managed switch.

I want computers connected to eth1 access the internet.

I want other DomU VMs to also use DomU as a router and access the internet. 

Gateway <-> eth0 <-> xenbr0 <-> vif0 

eth1 <-> xenbr1 <-> vif1 <-> Switch <-> Computers

So far I've created the DomU and IPTables on it so that computers connected to the switch on eth1 are able to ping each other.

I am unable to traverse from the computers connected to the switch on eth1 to the internet. 

How do I bridge the traffic from eth1 to eth0? 
Do I need to setup forwarding or IPTables on Dom0? 
How do I setup DomU as the router and Gateway for other DomU VMs?

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