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Re: [Xen-users] Server with 2 NICs. DomU as Router

John Pearson <johnpearson555@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> I have it working with this setup:
> eth0 connected to WAN
> eth1 connected to LAN
> domU running as router and devices connected to the server on eth1
> I am able to NAT, route packets etc on domU for devices connected to eth1 and 
> internet/IP works.
> Now I am trying to connect dom0 to domU also as client. I would like dom0 
> traffic also forwarded domU. Running `brctl show` on dom0 shows this:
> bridge name     bridge id                   STP enabled     interfaces
> xenbr0          8000.xxxxxxxxxxxxx       no                     vif0
>        eth0
> xenbr1          8000.xxxxxxxxxxxxx       no                     vif1

That all looks good

> Since I would like dom0 also another client on domU, I thought creating vlan

You're over-thinking it.
All you need to do is add an IP address to the bridge in Dom0, so change this :

>> auto xenbr1
>> iface xenbr1 inet manual
>> bridge_ports eth1

auto xenbr1
iface xenbr1 inet static
bridge_ports eth1
  address nnn.nnn.nnn.nnn
  netmask ....
  gateway ...

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