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Re: [Xen-users] use hypercall in kernel module


Please avoid top-posting.

On 30/05/2016 02:58, Big Strong wrote:
I'm not sure if you mean  xen\include\asm-x86\hypercall.h
or extras\mini-os\include\x86\x86_32\hypercall-x86_32.h, I guess it is
the former one.

I am not sure why you are looking at the Xen repository... From the beginning of the thread we spoke about Linux...

Can I use these functions directly in domU kernel?  When using
libxc/privcmd in domU userland, the arguments are converted into a
suitable form using HYPERCALL_BUFFER_AS_ARG(arg), how should the
arguments be conveyed when using from domU kernel?

As said earlier, please look at the example in the Linux kernel. There is plenty of them.

The userspace is using specific buffer because we need to prevent Linux to swap the page. Kernel memory is not swapped.


Julien Grall

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